Slow and Steady (Biking Blog)

Sunday, Dec. 21, 10:37PM

Jungle monkey
Jungle monkey

Rode our booties off today, 90km. It was our sixth consecutive day on the road. Good news is that I’m finding the point when I’m exercising where I’m pushing ahead steady but not too hard, so I don’t get prematurely tapped out of energy. We divided the day up into 4 parts, so we took a short (10min) break every hour and a half (or 22km). That way the large distance didn’t seem too endless. I’d say half the day the roads had a long steady slightly uphill grade, which combined with all our weight made it difficult to move fast, and it seemed like we should be going faster but it took a lot of work to keep going. But like I said, I found my threshold and I kept it moving, even though I could only move at 15km/hr for half the day. The other hindrance is that the road’s was so textured (paved with small rocks, not asphalt) so even on downhills I was only able to achieve 35-40km/hr instead of the 50 I can do otherwise. Every day has it’s ups and downs, literally and figuratively.

In other happy news I found a workaround to finally make Senuti (the iPod ‘backup’ software) see my iPod (and Cara’s, and Jamey’s). This means I can clear more room on my iPod to backup photos, and I can also borrow some tunes from my cohorts. Listening to music on the road has been awesome… I’m for once I can really listen to all the lyrics of my favorite music (since I have plenty of time to concentrate, unlike back home when I’m always doing 3 other things while playing tunes.)

Basically I’m becoming a find-tuned cycling machine. That’s about it. So it’s cycling, cycling, cycling until Christmas, when we’ll hopefully be crossing into India, and then we’ll cycle a little more until we get picked-up by friends and we’ll be on holiday, cruising around in a big Jeep for maybe 2 weeks, visiting some of the sights (like the Taj Mahal in Agra) among others. I’m looking forward to some good old-fashioned tourism! I’ll also probably be eating way too much Indian food and sweets… to make up for all this healthy eating! Actually, it’s amazing that we all love the national food here so much, even though it’s pretty much the same meal over and over and over. I love it because its real home cooking every time, with fresh veggies cut down in the back yard or nearby every time, made fresh with love. Try to find that in the USA! India’s gonna be very different, so we’re living it up, even though it is very simple (and we have no choice in the matter.)

I’ve also borrowed Bonnie’s Nepali phrase book in an attempt to Wow the locals with my smooth Nepali phrases. So far, so good. They understand our Nepanglish well enough most of the time anyway, but it’s fun and I think they appreciate that we’re trying.

Ok, up at 6:30 to do another 90km tomorrow. Only 3 days till Christmas Eve! Hope your Holiday parties were awesome and merry. Enjoy the family and Holiday cheer! xoXo, A


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