City Beautiful

Stopped at a traffic light with our friend, Neegam, on our way to the Rose Garden

Saturday, Jan. 17, 6:58AM
Chandigar, India

Today’s one of the rare mornings this week that I am awake at this hour but AFTER a semblance of a night’s sleep… I haven’t pulled so many all-nighters since college. Why?

Since my last entry we’ve been in Chandigarh, the big and enjoyable “City Beautiful” with it’s own official logo (The Open Hand), renowned for it’s architecture and urban planning, which attracts much Indian tourism and also sport’s the nation’s highest per capita income and standards of living. It’s really clean, quite beautiful and comfortable, as the city planning included much green space, a couple really neat gardens and a big beautiful lake. Despite the number of cars on the ‘highways’ it’s surprisingly easy, pleasurable and downright thrilling to navigate on bike.

Due to the usual unforeseen series of events which dictates much of India’s unpredictability, we haven’t left the city for the sights of the north we were intending to visit from here, but today we are taking off into the hills by Jeep to enjoy some of the sights. Will let you know!

ALl in all it’s been a great week off, albeit excessively relaxing, but well enjoyed before our next big adventure: Our rough plan for the next 6 weeks begins with taking a train (that’s all wait-list at this point) down to Mumbai, where we will begin MUCH cycling, through famous Goa and stopping off at 2-3 farms on the way down the western coast through Kerala, where we’ll be meeting-up with Cara after her month-long training to be a certified Yoga instructor. Also, if all else goes according to skeleton plan, we will hopefully be welcoming one more to our Band of Gyspies: The lovely Amy!

Today’s actually the first rainy day I’ve seen in 2 months, but that won’t stop our fun!  (OMG, the roll of the thunder is shaking me in my boots!)  And we’re off! Hopefully tonight I will catch-up and report on some of the fun we’ve been up to all week.


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