Saturday, Jan. 31, 12:56 AM
Doña Paula, Vainguinim Valley, Goa, India

Blogging is great, if only we had the time! It’s funny how I feel like it’s so boring to report on last week’s old news, now that I have recent stuff to report on! That’s happened like 40 times already on this trip. The hard part is just taking the time to write, and I write slooow, man! Sometimes 3-4 late-night hours for a post! But it’s so worth it, especially when people write back with some feedback. << Punch! >> Like just yesterday a friend told me she can’t get enough of my exclamation points! For example, It’s freakin’ bug central in here!!!  Tonight’s post is all about the italics. I don’t know why, I’m just into emphasizing things tonight. Did you see, I posted a video last night of a 4 inch Mango Tree Borer? Speaking of beetles, a big one  just changed the track on my iPod (not a freakin Borer thank god), and another just made me jump (cuz I think he’s in my shorts now.) Maybe I should dim the light these lights and close french doors to the balcony and the dark world of South Indian creepy-crawlies… just the light for now.

Actually, here’s a confession: I can’t touch-type. It’s pathetic, I know. It’s the only thing that comes to mind that I really regret in life – choosing Mrs. Weir’s 9th grade “Special Art” elective (great class) over Typing, as I thought I was geek enough that I’d pick it up naturally. I actually downloaded a copy of “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” yesterday so I can learn and bang these out, for us.  

So blogging is cool.  It makes me happy.  It makes me feel closer to ya’ll.  Being social, from thousands of miles away.  Even if we were in the same city it would be equally valuable to me, as we rarely have the time to get into each other’s layers and thoughts even if we do see each other weekly.  So not just blogging, but Social Networking, that is really growing on me.  I’ve been doing it for years, but everyone‘s doing it.  My sister and brother are on Facebook!  Today I finally saw a picture of Rob’s best friend, a person he’s mentioned for years but who I could never picture.  (Maybe we met once before but that historic doesn’t matter anymore – now I know what she looks like.  Why oh why should anyone be in the dark?  It’s a new age of Transparency, baby!  

I know I made fun of myself when I said it’s so 2004 to have a blog, but it’s not too late.  Everyone, not just nerds anymore, are embracing it as a form of communication and expression, and I love it!  In the beginning I think many people were worried about privacy, but now we are getting used to the transparency and availability of information, thanks to sites like Facebook who have coaxed us out of hiding.  And we have better and more accessible tools like Google Reader which makes reading dozens of blog/news feeds simple and in one place. (Gmail users, Reader is just above the Gmail search box :)  And dare I mention how fun is it to do any and ALL OF THIS from an iPhone? Don’t get me started.

I’ve had the pleasure just this week of adding FIVE friends’ blogs to my feeds list.   It makes me SO happy that I can be a little better aware of my wonderful friend’s beautiful crazy lives.  I’m so excited that I need to tell the world! Eric Kramer and Object have feeds, Simi Shukla and Beth Green have feeds, Gabriel Caplan and Brian blah(g) Boring have feeds… YOU should start one, too, so I can read all about you.  Your life is interesting, so you might as well document it!

Why do I take so many pictures?  To share them with you!  It makes me feel alive, and connected.  As a matter of fact, I’ve changed my Flickr preferences so that from now on my photo uploads will be Publicly visible, so more of you can see them!  (It just occurred that many of you can’t see my Photostream without being a member. Not anymore!  I don’t need to make you a Flickr convert… I just want you to look!)  BTW, you can always access my photos from within my blog by clicking on the top-right My Flickr Photostream link.


So now that it’s almost 5am and I haven’t even updated you at all about INDIA.  How to proceed?  We all know how good I am at playing catch-up … NOT!  I also feel like it’s now or never, since Jamey and I will be taking a week-long holiday to Goa’s northern-most beaches, including Ashvem, Arambol, Kalacha, and Querim.  Of course we’ll be biking there, and I won’t be taking my trusty laptop, so to hold you over, here’s a list of random randomness I’ve been up to.  I’ll try to keep it short (yeah right!), but if you want to hear any more about it please leave a Comment below!  (It’ll make me happy, and foster conversation!)

  • We’re living with Ravi Shankar in his uber-deluxe, cliffhanging apartment, right next to Hawaii Beach.  Ok, it’s not the Legendary Sitar Virtuoso by the same name, but Ravi’s in a good place.  Great job, beautiful 5-mo. baby boy, a family in Bangalore (yes, this is his work apartment), and he’s hardly ever here!  For example, tonight he left on a weekend-trip to Kerala with a co-worker. We met him through and after only 1 night with us he entrusted us with his set of keys and took a long-weekend to visit with his wife and kid.  I love India!  I’ve never met such nice people in my life!
  • eating $h!t

  • On the way to Anjuna beach I ate some serious asphalt. We were biking along, laughing and telling animal anecdotes, when my front tire met Jamey’s back tire, they sort of bonded for a few moments until I lost control and slid to a stop of my face.  Sitting there in the road with my chin bruised, my shades scratched, my palms burning with the hole in my hand from another fall a couple days prior re-opened, I was actually fine and laughing about it by the time Jamey asked me, “Should I take a picture?”  Of course!  
  • Last week we spent 4 days up in another part of Goa being beach-bums.  It started as just a day trip, and by sunset I didn’t want to leave, let alone bike 2 hours home in the dark.  Long story short, Jamey went back to Ravi’s for the night to fetch home-stuff, and I stayed behind with only my beach clothes and a book.  I found a friend and spent the night in Calangute Beach with the traveling jazz musician/yoga student named Daniel, who let me sleep in the extra bed of his $3 beach hut.  Next morning Jamey came back, we biked to Anjuna Beach, got a place for a couple nights, and for the next couple days we swam, ate amazing vegan food, and I drank beers and local liquor on the beach at night while we watched fire dancing and chatted up the tourists who come back to Goa again and again and again. We biked to scenic Vagator Beach to get away from the white people and swim in a Sea of Indian Men (the ratio is 250:1, seriously!), spent the evening at a $1, all-ages (6–66) rave at a place called Hill Top.  Next day we spent, from 10am-sunset reclining in beach chairs under an umbrella of palms in the warm and steady breeze, drinking cold drinks (mmmmm fruity lassis!), and alternating on and off all day between 10 min. of reading and 10 min. of napping. 
  • For the rest of this week I’ve been staying up like a night owl, video chatting with Amy and my roommates a bunch, making necessary arrangements for my latest whirlwind scheme: bringing Amy to India.  The plan, originally, was to travel for maybe 5 or 6 months, and then Amy and I would meet-up after I’ve had my cycling fun in someplace pretty, like Thailand, Bali or New Zealand!  Funny thing is that after hardly speaking for 2 months in Nepal, now in India we can more easily communicate, and doing so makes it seem like another 3 months would be too long to wait!  So I convinced her to come to India, I found her a bike, and she’s taking care of the rest.  We’re shooting for next week.  Only snafu has been trying to sublet my damn room in my damn apartment again.  Enough about that, unless you want to do some social networking on my behalf!  (Email me if you want specs.)


Up next… beautiful Old Goa!  For a sneak preview, check out The Church of Lady of Immaculate Conception in this week’s Doña Paula Flickr set.  BTW, when you’re browsing my Flickr stream, browse my Sets via the little squares on the right.  It’s better!

See you in the sunset!


3 thoughts on “Blah(g)”

  1. I AM SO jeaous of thsi trip you are taking! My family being FROM India, and I haven’t seen all that you’ve seen in the last month or so. BUt I LOVE seeing it through your eyes. Your pics are amazing, and I love hearing tour stories of all the people you’ve met. Thank you for bringing this side of India to me. Also, thanks for the shout-out (and for actually thinking my life is interesting :D)! And thanks for making me feel like blogging is still cool (as I thought I was the last person in the world to start one)! I love you hun! I’m so glad we’ve stayed friends for the last (OMG) 14 years!!!

  2. Anthony! Gawrsh I am extreeeeeemely jealous of you my dear friend.
    Seems like you’re making the most of your trip. I totally agree and understand where you’re coming from about blogging to your friends whilst in far-flung lands. Thank god you’re taking so many pictures. Let me clarify…taking so many GORGEOUS IT MAKES ME CRY pictures!

    America is sucking hard right now. Boy did you choose a good time to travel.
    Travel hard and be safe friend!

    (I just set up my Google Reader so I can keep up on your madcappin’ ways over there)


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