Blog my ass!

Sorry I’ve been such a blog deadbeat. I’ve been in Arambol Beach, for (2? weeks already!), Goa hippie beach heaven, not so much visually beauteous but oh so fun and sociable.  Really I’m just popping-in to tell you I’m Not Dead, that I left my laptop in Dona Paula, and this is actually my first time at the internet cafe since we unsuspecting rolled-into town many moons ago.  After 2 weeks of good eating, swimming and going out every night, (and not so much biking,) we’ll be on our merry way down south after the weekend.  Did you feel the weight of our new and improved “We”?  The loveliest Amy B has joined the ranks of our biking and beach-surfing ensemble, and today we took our first pretty long bike ride as a team (36km) to Paradise Beach in Maharashtra, the next State north.  Deeeammmm it was sweet!  We had to hire a little boat to ferry us across to the secluded crystal blue beach, population 20.  It’s like a vacation, the kind where you forget about everything, just living in the moment, not even taking pictures.  So when I get back to my laptop I’ll be a good boy and post post post again!

Tiny bit more about Arambol: It’s a hippie tourist beach frequented the spiritual type, but if feels so much less touristy than its southern neighbors where we visited our first week in Goa (even though mostly everyone here is white/Euro/Russian, we’re eating mostly non-Indian food, and campfire parties, nightly fireworks and bongo/didgeridoo music reign supreme.)  Everyone who comes here says, invariably within the first 24 hours, that they never want to leave, and the fact that everyone I’ve met here has postponed their departures by weeks proves it, not to mention the ex-pats who’ve either been here for months are are back again for their umpteenth time.  It kind of sucks you in, as it certainly has for me, but now that Amy’s acclimated I think we will all be ready to go in a few more days.  A few more days!  That’s what they all say.

I’ll see you right here again, very soon!  Blog again I will!


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