Wednesday, Feb. 19, 5:08 AM
Doña Paula, Goa, India

Some things change, some things don’t. Jamey and I have been in Goa for a month, and here we are again back in the apartment where we first laid our heads. A recurring theme on the road is our boundless infinite “Home”, the place we find comfort, solace, and familiarity. Ravishankar’s apartment has been our launch-pad for visiting all of North Goa’s beaches, and once again it serves as a passing-through and regrouping point before our journey South. We were to leave tomorrow, finally, and for good, but the predictably unexpected twists and shouts of today have landed us here a bit longer.

Our group has dramatically morphed over the last month, beyond recognition, so here are the specifics: First, in mid-January, Bonnie left to Morocco, and now has plans to get certified to teach English till late March. When we came to Goa, Cara stayed behind in the north with her Indian boyfriend Cab and is there still, and has now postponed her Yoga training another month which will now last through mid-April. So hopefully we’ll see her again in a couple months. Almost 2 weeks ago my girlfriend Amy arrived in Goa and we cabbed it straight to Arambol beach, which was a nice transition for her and more late-night fun for me. And finally, the night before we left Arambol, a very cool Swedish girl named Sara was invited an accepted the proposition to bike with us through Goa for the next 10 days. So today she bought a brand-new, pretty freakin’ sweet Indian bike for $80 and will tackle the Goan shoreline with us. So at the moment we’ve got the same ratio in effect, but different girls!

I miss Cara and hope so much that she is growing from her unique experience in India, as the temporary?girlfriend of a Sikh farmer. I also hope that she continues on and joins us again soon… my prayers for her are sincere. I miss Bonnie too, and find a strange comfort hearing that she turned down a job offer at HBO in America this week… and is taking an educational step to potentially prolong this journey. Much as I existed happily with stoicism to see Amy again someday, I wish Bonnie happy travels in Africa and Europe ’till we hopefully carry on again in SE Asia. At this point, with two girls out (and, oh Amy!, another story to tell…) my certainty of our eventual ‘family’ reunion is diminishing. But another beautiful dimension of all of this is that ALL of us now are amidst a reforming of ourselves and our plans, and I believe we are all now traveling without a set return date. From the beginning, both our group and personal itineraries have been in perpetual flux. The fluidity continues with each and every turn and opportunity of bigger, more life-defining experiences, but also in the countless whimsical exploits with uncertain results.

I’m a lucky man to have my girlfriend join me on this journey. Undoubtedly it changes everything, and now I get to play a joyful game of fusing my freedom and my love. Here marks a new chapter in the adventure, and already it has been quite a passage! Check this out… this is a juicy, amazing bit:

Most of your probably don’t know this, but Amy and I met on an online dating site. I was active on the site for about 2 weeks before I got all I needed from it, and boy did I get everything I asked for! In my profile, in the section where you describe “The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit Here” I wrote:

i like this site a lot… may the power of good algorithms help me find other aliens to strategize and conquer with!

it just occurred to me that, thanks to this site’s geek magic, anything you put out here might actually come back to you by someone who connects with it. it may be hoping for too much, but I’d love to find a travel partner. i just want to go and keep going! loving around the world would be nice, but bringing my love around with me would be even better.

And here we are!  This trip started with three of us, then four of us planning to cycle and Wwoof around SE Asia, a month at a time in most countries, a bit longer in India. We thought we needed a plan, if only to have something to tell our families and friends, (and for vaccinations.)  So far we’ve spent twice as long in every place we’ve been (and 1 month in Northern Goa so far – and it’s so small, the distance we’ve explored bikeable in a single day!!)  I love the Wwoofing we’ve done so far, but in India it’s been damn near impossible to line-up farm stays.  Over-saturation of a tiny system, perhaps?  It’s time for a Plan B, or alternate means to similar ends.  Or unrestricted, miscellaneous cross-country adventure!  My eyes, ears, body and soul are open to the great unknown and every possibility, opportunity or inspiration that may come.   

Damn, it’s been so long since I’ve written my journal that I’m flying in a million directions.  I’ll stop this one now and continue in another entry.

Love, love, love, Anthony


One thought on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaanges!”

  1. Anthony, just wanted to leave you a note to remind you how much I am enjoying your blog of your trip. I am so glad you guys seem to be having the trip of a lifetime, and am stoked that Amy has joined you on it. I can’t wait to hear more about all your adventures, so keep on biking and blogging!

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