Grrrr, I have Rabies

Wednesday, Feb. 19, 4:10 AM

You want more? I don’t think this story’s gone far enough yet… I didn’t get into why we’re staying in Doña Paula a short while longer and not leaving tomorrow yet! We’re all sick and on drugs! It’s true!!!

Today I posted a status update on Facebook that said:

Anthony is fighting rabies, caring for Amy’s fractured hand, and trying not catch Jamey’s meningitis

I’ll save myself the trouble of paraphrasing my response to the concerned comments which ensued. Went something like this:

No worries! This deserves some explanation. My story: I was feeding a feral puppy some of my fish lunch at a secluded beach by the name of Paradise when he snapped my finger and unfortunately drew some blood. To be safe I started a regimen of rabies shots… 2 down, 3 to go over the next 3 wks. (Amy bought my 1st shot + Dr.’s visit on the 14th for a V-day gift, awww! :) Her fracture happened just this afternoon, when an easy stop on the bike went bad (thanks to the learning-curve of clipless pedals)… now she’s got a big pink cast on her right arm, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Indian hospital experience was astonishingly smooth, quick, & cheap, and the pain killers are reportedly amazing as well. Jamey’s been troubleshooting a cold for the last week and is on antibiotics now, but he’s ok. We’re joking that it’s meningitis as his neck’s been stiff for 3 days, but once again the meds have remedied all. It’s funny how health issues in India seem to be so regular, yet mental health & happiness couldn’t be stronger. At least that’s my perspective, as we’re having the times of our lives!

Gateway to Paradise Beach
The Beachthe scene of the crime
Paradise Beach, the scene of the crime

Sara, an acquaintance Jamey made while in Arambol, who will be biking Goa with us for the next 10 days, also suddenly came down with a nasty bug yesterday, but is also on drugs and feeling much better today. I think it’s the same bug Jamey has, and probably the same one Amy had last week (only 2 days-in!): I got sick in Nepal, but thank goodness I’ve been in tip-top ever since I got to India… let’s hope it keeps up. (I think the food is too good and I’m like Superman as a result!) On the contrary I’ve got a fierce headache this evening. Might be mild dehydration, the second Rabies shot, or maybe it’s just a fluke. Come to think of it, it came on after a significant sneezing fit. Allergies! The first instance of any since I’ve arrived in Goa (after tons of ’em up north and in Nepal). After coming home from the hospital with Amy I made tea, in case it was a caffeine headache. It didn’t help the headache, but it has helped me stay up all night to write this! I hope I’m not coming down with something… paranoia setting in… I hope it’s not a symptom of Malaria! Just kidding. (I’m actually taking my anti-Malarials daily, like a good boy – and I’m probably the only one!)

So to be clear, I’m mostly just messing around. I’m healthy as ever, and I don’t have Rabies (or Malaria, or paranoia!) But I am taking Rabies meds, just to be safe as a follow-up with the puppy bite. (“What would Poppa P do?”) Being in-tune with our health is a crucial and routine part of our lives on the road, a thus we’re on top of it!  So no worries, OK?


One thought on “Grrrr, I have Rabies”

  1. woah dude! Just checking in! Rabies? Other diseases? I’ll have to keep up the reading to see what happens next in the all too real story of my buddy Anthony, but just had to comment now!

    Hope things are peeling. And by peeling I mean that each experience good or bad is peeling away the layers through experience towards a great recognition of self. And by that I mean- whewww! Rabies?

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