Palolem, my lost lenore

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 11:25 PM
Palolem Beach, Goa, India

Yesterday was a hard freakin day. Emotionally I hit a wall that was hard to overcome, as I felt too rushed and pressured by my group to move-on to Karnataka, where my heart wanted to stay in Goa and enjoy my 2nd most anticipated (and by far my favorite) beach… Palolem. I just wanted to take my time and enjoy things around me, but I ended up frustrated, stressed, and angry. Later that night, just when I finally relaxed and was coming back home in a boat from from a party on a peninsular island cut-off by high tide, I fell out of the boat and killed my iPhone. Sadness. Drained, I slept-in (till 9), got breakfast bhaji, took a dip in the sea, took a hot lethargic afternoon nap, did laundry like a nice little naked housewife for my maimed girlfriend, got out to take a late afternoon stroll, got info for sending a package of winter stuff home, had a pleasant bite at Cozy Nook (my favorite restaurant on my favorite beach to date), scouted some cheaper huts for the coming days, and then walked through the market. Ran into J & Sara and had the chat about our next steps: I wanted to stay and enjoy Palolem for a couple days, and meet-up with them who needed to rush ahead to Karnataka. This turned into more pressure to move-on together, pressure pressure pressure. And to settle it Amy voted to move-on from the beach due to her inability to fully enjoy it (with cast). With heavy heart I decided to take one for the team, say goodbye to Palolem, my quickest and most perfect slice of pie in India so far. Too quick I’m saying goodbye, but it gives me a reason to come back and revisit my love for you.


2 thoughts on “Palolem, my lost lenore”

  1. Hey Dude…. :) how are you doing now? I just caught up with your blog to figure out your whereabouts and I can see life in India treating you to a full plate of uncertainties. have fun.

    BTW, i stopped by on this post to tell you that Palolem is my favourite too, always been since 1997, when I first went there. :)

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