Epiphany: Turn my trip/world/life upside-down!

Yesterday I had the biggest idea, which turns my whole trip upside-down.

The approaching hot, rainy season is upon us. (Right now it’s pouring outside, thundering and lightning, pretty crazy!) It’s been well over 100 degrees in the mid-day. (We’re going to a water park tomorrow! :) I knew this issue would confront us eventually, 3-4 months into the trip, and now it’s time to assess the situation. I said to myself, why suffer through SE Asia in the hot, rainy season? Let’s go somewhere where it’s Nice! You know how I eventually (after SE Asia) wanted to head south, through the islands, through Malaysia and Indonesia (Bali), Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand? Why not DO IT IN REVERSE? Now, in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter in approaching. New Zealand being our southern-most point of the southern hemisphere (hence most cold), it’ll be like early spring weather to me, cool, sweater weather, maybe colder in the highlands. But if we go soon, it’ll just be the beginning of winter, and won’t be so severe. The best news is that NZ, Australia and Tasmania are Wwoofers and Campers HEAVEN. 850+ Wwoof farms in NZ (plus LOTS of SHEEP) and 1500+ in Australia! So we can do it more cheaply, despite the cost of flying there.

So that’s what I’m chewing on today.  Updates coming soon……


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