The Southern Tip

Friday, April. 18, 10:07 PM
Sividanda > Kanyakumari > Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu, India

I made it to the southern tip of India! This milestone deserves a detailed description, of course, but I’m two weeks behind. So here’s the picture:


This is lazy, but you’re getting CC’s on an email to my ashram roomie…

Hi, just wanted to drop you a message to say Hi and to remember the good times @ Sivananda! Today I tripped down to Kanyakumari (the southern tip of India, where the 3 Seas meet) on a Sivinanda bus trip and it was sooo fun — i highly recommend it if you’re still in the S. India area. We also swam in a nearby waterfall (very close to the ashram, ~15min), and there’s an amazing temple called the Stanunathaswami Temple in Suchindram (12km NW of Kanyakumari), the oldest and simply most amazing temple in this region (no shirts allowed!) It blew my mind, so vast and beautiful and 1500 years old, VERY fun! (esp. after sunset.)

Anyway, I’m glad we ran into each other again at Kovalam beach… it looks like you hit it off with your Russian friend (what’s her name again?)

All the best, A

img_5507meditating (not) on the foot of the 133 foot Thiruvalluvar Statue
Meditating (not) afoot the 133ft. Thiruvalluvar Statue

I’ve posted the gallery on my flickr.


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