Moon Out

Tuesday, July. 7, 10:47 PM
Pai, Thailand

The moon is so bright tonight, I can see for miles. This hut I’ve landed-in is the best one yet, as I can look out over the silver treetops from bed. And this isn’t even among the most impressive ones here, all of them bamboo masterpieces. I’m burning through Thailand, on my fourth farm already in only 2.5 weeks. I liked each of the previous 3 for different reasons, and left them prematurely for 3 separate reasons… asthma, to make-up, and to break-up. Yeah, I left Ken’s Adventure1 Climbing Park & Garden early because Amy and I decided not to travel together anymore. I feel so self-conscious and weird writing about this, something that was unfolding, unplanned, only 24 hours ago. I haven’t even mentioned it to anybody here, not that I know anyone really, but I’ve shared time, space, and conversation with many! I’m still in shock, and I’m not proud of it. I returned to Happy Hippy House, the last guest house that Amy and I shared, and it was so weird to be in that same room without her. Máek and his friends who run the place asked about her, and I half buried the truth with a reply about us splitting off again, a recurring theme in our co-wandering. It’s been a rough day, restraining loneliness, a feeling of emptiness, depression, and guilt. But I got up, kept it going, made it out of Chiang Mai, survived 4 hours of motion sickness on the mini-bus (with excellent company) which took me here through endlessly curvy mountain roads to Tacome Pai in Thailand’s own hippy mecca.

Tacome Pai kitchen area
Tacome Pai kitchen area

Tacome Pai is a home-stay I found from an alternative to the Wwoof list, and already I think it’s charmed me beyond them all. It’s most similar to Sadhana Forest in that it’s a permaculture farm, all the building is made of natural materials (BIG-time bamboo!) with lots of creativity and love. It’s a refreshing change from the concrete construction I’ve gotten accustomed to all over. They have built huts and bungalows in the styles of 7 different northern Thailand hill tribes. All the chairs, staircases, and even a huge swing, are made of logs and gnarly beautiful hunks of trees from this property. Bamboo is used like I’ve never seen before: all the kitchen-ware (spoons, dishes, cups), again many creations to sit on or hang in, the plumbing… the sinks are small waterfalls cascading into log chutes. Simply (but rather intricately) beautiful! After eating dinner that we cooked over an open fire, we ended the day with communal music playing and singing around the fire, drinking kau lao or white rice whiskey poured from a plastic bag into a bamboo shooter. I happen to be among great musical talent, and I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable campfire music jam I can recall (maybe except for that live house bonfire party on the beach in Arambol, Goa… that was perfect.) Leo, a kid from France, even played us some bamboo techno. Classic!


And here’s some Randomness, inspired by Simi’s blog:

  • Do you ever sometimes just LOVE the Shuffle on your iPod? It’s rare for me, but today it’s just consistently kicking ass.
  • I taught myself to count yesterday, quite useful. neung, seung, saam, sii, haa, hok, jet, pet, kau, sip!
  • i decided, since I don’t have a phone anymore, that I want to get an iPhone 3GS. this is going to be tricky, as they’re not here in Thailand yet, and I can’t exactly just buy one in the US and break my contract immediately and emigrate… or can I?
  • I’ve been touch-typing this whole blog entry again! Still 8wpm, but I’m having fun!
  • I love you! Yes I do! Thanks for reading my silly self-important blog. I’m really not (important) but I do still love you. La ti sa wat kap! (Good night!)

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