Thailand rules, Anthony drools

Saturday, August 8, 5:49 AM
Kuwait International Airport

I feel like I just left my new lover, lady Thailand, and I miss her already! The last fews days I spent in Bangkok, shopping for souvenirs in many markets (such fun!) I stayed with Cara and her adorable little pincher of some kind, Poofy, who who’s not fluffy at all but had a cone on her head (the dog not Cara) until yesterday. Poofy, like many dogs who don’t take well to strangers, took an instant fondness towards me, and slept snuggled up to my head each night. The world’s making a dog’s best friends out of me. I had planned to meet-up with two other friends as well in the city, Leo from Tacome Pai/Leon (France) and Jessica from High School who’s living there now with a boyfriend, but in the last minute they fell through due to a broken angle and a return flight to Demarest, our hometown in New Jersey, where I too will be in another half day to celebrate my dear brother’s 40th birthday.

The rest of the month’s plans include: visiting with my turtle, Axl Rose, and checking-in on my apartment; seeing how the babies in my life have grown (nephews, neighbors, friends’ kids); celebrating my own birthday in a few days with the family (the big 2-9!, and hopefully later this week with some close friends; picking up some needed supplies for the next leg of my world tour in New Zealand; and going back Home to Black Rock City in the Nevada desert for Labor Day week (aka Burning Man), passing through San Francisco both ways. I will also dutifully drop-in at “work” for a few days, to help keep things running at my patron contract law/geek gig (“QLTT”). Quite a lot of plans for a month, but it will be nice.

So yep, it’s back to the States for a spell. I can hardly believe it. The sun just came up over the desert horizon, and here I am in the Kuwait airport, with Arabic lettering and beautiful women with diamonds-sparkeling from the uncovered bits of their head-to-toe dress all around.

On the plane I had a great conversation with a Thai-Saudi woman in her mid-forties who has a guest house in Saudi Arabia but lives in Phuket (capital of prettiness in S. Thailand), and she gave me her number so that I can call her next time I visit. Another example of people just being awesome, open, inviting. The flight was interesting. Besides being stuffed twice on my 3am-5:30am flight (running against the time zones so it was ctually 5.5 hours), they handed me a Snack coupon to eat some more in the airport during my 3 hour layover. Which may prove insightful as to why these Arabic men on the flight were so beefy and a bit loud (too many calories!), a noticeable change from the smaller, gentler, and quiter Thai guys I’ve grown accustomed to who eat little and glow with composure and Buddha’s eyes. The man in the seat next to me kept spazzing out and flailing his muscles during his sleep (Ow!), and when he woke I watched him pull from his fanny pack a small white box with a dozen diamond rings inside, to see how they fared in the shifting altitude. Big money, big food, and big muscles out here.

All these women with only their pretty faces and hands showing have an alluring power. I suppose all women can play jump rope with the heartstrings of men all around them, as the moon drives the tides with each turn. Women, women, women. The Thais were a super-sexy bunch. In many cases, girls are part of the sex industry, and then many others are warming up to foreigners to get closer to their wallets, but either way, they’re a fun, sexy, attractive bunch, and I’m proud of them, in regards to what I’ve just said, for turning the tables on men with their irresistible ways. The result is that many foreigners are dating or marrying Thais, and the melting pot swirls. I like the Thai-Arabic connection on this flight; the plane half full of half-bloods. Even Mayedak, the woman I chatted with on the plane, has a bicultural family, and is herself covered like the rest of these women. I wanted to say something cheesy like “I want to have a mixed family myself someday”, because, really, I’ve always found it ever more enticing than the same old norms of monocultural unions. Not just the faces, and the dark creamy skin, but the merging of cultures is what’s so fun and valuable. I imagine how lucky Mayedak’s two boys are to grow-up in both Saudi Arabia and Thailand, to have both worlds. Now they’re in school in Bangkok and Phuket, beautiful Phuket. I left MANY stones unturned in Thailand because I want to come back again and again. I’ve found my happy destination, where the smiles work like a virus, and there are too many beautiful but different places to explore, be they in the mountains or on the islands. Speaking of different worlds, I marveled again today at how, as soon as you step on a plane, you enter a completely different world. Wow! Cross a border and the world goes topsy-turvy! This is why I love traveling, and crave the regular juxtaposition.

OMG, and I hungry again!? I’m training for the American food-fest that will succeed the Thai food-fest. It will be be Bigger, Longer, Uncut, and I will be Fatter. (Thailand food was so good, and esp. since I wasn’t eating the copious animal meats my indulgences always left me feeling light and nice. You’re the first country that leaves me wanting more!) But yes, Cheese, bagels, pizza, hummus, sandwiches, and Italian food await me. Bring on the juxtaposition!

I love you Thailand, and thanks for all the fish (whether I knew I was eating it or not!)


One thought on “Thailand rules, Anthony drools”

  1. Anthony’s the best brother in the whole wide world, including South Asia! Flew all the way from Thailand for his big bro’s birthday. Well, okay, maybe not just for that, but I don’t care. It was great to see him and not have to imagine him on some beautiful, desolate, tropical beach 10,000 miles away! Love you Ant!

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