There’s no place like Home

Saturday, August 8, 3:12 AM
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Speaking of different world, Wow! It’s great to be in New York. Honestly, I wasn’t missing it one bit for the last nine months. Sure, when I decided to detour to New York on my way to Burning Man, I became very excited to see my family and friends, devour real pizza and bagels, and hold my turtle nose to nose for hours, but I couldn’t see happiness like this coming from a million miles away.

At this point, after two weeks here, I feel in some ways that I’m back in my old life. After all, I’m sitting here on my couch in Brooklyn, my belly is full from 2AM pizza from our late-night neighborhood spot, Axl is snoozing in the shadows, and I’m on the internet. Just like old times!

I’ve seen most of my favorite people in the world. The fam: Dad, Dineen, uncle Tommy, Mommy, Robbie, Cristina, Dave, Devon and Dylan. Then I came to the city and spent a full week friend-hopping, and damn is it nice! Gabriel, Sara, Jordan, Sandra, Jase, Nolan, Irene, Jade, Victor, Daniel, Mr. Wright, Sarah, Adam, Lux, Jeff, Jay, Ian, Clara, Lane, Alyssa, Anna, Eric, Maria, Kenny, Joy Lynn, Nicola, Gary, Carlos, Fatih, Olga, Ziya, Super Mike, Holly… Yes, even going into ‘work’ was really nice. I crashed local parties in the building, visited a farm in CT, spent a weekend at a secret camping party in the mountains, went swimming in rivers with old and new friends, attended a boat party in a Bushwick canal, snuck into a sold-out concert, biked around between boroughs at 3AM on borrowed wheels, relaxed at my Dad’s house (and really really enjoyed it), dined and rode scooters around at Google, floated in and out of my apartment and onto the couches of friends. My new roommates Ian, Konrad and Teague are all awesome, and Axl and Ezmrelda (Amy’s cat) are all getting along swimmingly. Even just being online again, I’ve re-connected with so many, and it’s been an absolute blast. Ahhh, home sweet home.

You’d think after this love fest (did I mention the perpetual food orgy!?) that my trip would be over. On the contrary! In 30 minutes (4:30AM!) my taxi will be here to whisk me away to San Francisco, where I’ll hop in a rental truck, help with the cooking of our camp meals and prep for the drive out to Burning Man in less than 24 hours! (Yes, I’m starting an all-weeker with an all-nighter, Oops!) Between the birthdays (mine & my bro’s), catching up with my peeps, and enjoying the precious thrill of the End of Summer in NYC, I’ve barely made time to prepare for the camping trip, for the Burn, and for the next frontier of my international adventure: New Zealand. I mean really, I barely pulled off the first two. When I get back I have a lot of last minute arrangements to make (like my flight!) for the next chapter.

Before I post this and pack it all up, I just want to thank you, New York, for all the love. I have been perpetually surprised and humbled by how nice each and every place I have visited has been, especially the people, so open, giving and caring. I thought the world had you licked, New York, but I was wrong. I feel so cheesy saying it but this has been the most pleasurable stop on whole trip. Freakin’ New York! I thought I was done with you, but now I know: I want to come back every August to enjoy you at your finest, roll around in the lovely flowers of your incomparable meadows (of everything), eat pizza, and go to Burning Man. Let’s keep this ball rolling… Next stop: Black Rock City!!!!


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