Facebook & Twitter

Wednesday, September 22, 12:25 AM
New York, NY, USA

What the heck is going on with Facebook and Twitter? Everybody’s on ’em, I didn’t get it at first, and now I’m on ’em. And kinda psyched about it.

I love that people’s notions of privacy are evolving. I’m pretty damn transparent with my willingness to share just about anything with anyone I know, and not give a damn whether everybody else knows my business or what they think about it. And it seems that I’m not alone.

For that reason I invite you to jump on my Twitter. I’m anthonyp, or you can find me by my email: apolicano AT gmail DOT com

I installed the Twitter App on Facebook to post my tweets to my news feed, so now I can SMS my tweets to 40404 and it appears on both. Sweet! And doesn’t require me to be “online”. Try it!

In other notable news, for the first time today I posted some travel pictures on Facebook. (I’ve been tagged in tons, but I’ve never used it for MY photos, see?) I haven’t because Flickr has always been the sole repository for my treasured images, but now I’m double-posting (on both Flickr AND Facebook), opting for both exposure and “quality” if you’re into that. (The pics on Facebook are so small!) I’m into you being into that, btw! Doing so without lots of extra re-tagging required me to develop a new workflow, which I’m excited to implement and debut. You’ll see!

What does this all mean? Plain and simple, there’s more of me on Facebook, which is where many of you spend too much time anyway, but now you can spend some of it with me! Time to be social!


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