My Calendar

A day in Chiang MY Part 5: MY CALENDAR
(for the curious, the voyeurs, the stalkers, and the haters)

So many things I’m learning, an endless multitude of pretty things, little things, that happen each day that are stretching my world, mind and spirit. I actually write down a short list every day in my calendar of mostly where I’ve been, who I’ve met, and sometimes what induced any strong feelings. Down the line, this skeleton record will make the outlines with which I can re-draw the many beautiful pictures, each worth a thousand words, of these days. (In my case, maybe millions of words per picture!) With the click of a button, I could share this with the world, right here.

Why would I want to? Maybe because I like to share, give all I have, which right now is just Me. Transparency is so attractive to me. I like people who aren’t scared. Maybe it’s because I hunger for connections with people, or because I want you to know who I really am, beyond what you can gather of me through trite conversations that we have in limited moments and with limited technology, so that We can be better. I have a feeling that the meaning of life is to love one another. And how can we love something we don’t really know, or have the time to get to know? Have you ever thought about how little we know about each other, what’s going on with our friends and family, in their heads?

I can think of a bunch of reasons why NOT to share it. I’m not worried about my privacy. Sure, it could lead to issues and judgements. (I write about hot girls & food a lot.) Maybe it’s just putting out TMI. It’s a record for me, but why only me? I wish I knew what YOU were up to!

Another reason to share my calendar might be as simple as to answer the question you might be wondering “what am I doing?” And if you asked me, I wouldn’t know how to begin to answer that. People might look at my vagabonding as a waste. Without a job, it might seem like I’m not doing anything with my life. But I feel the opposite is true. I’ve always felt that with a job, I was never doing anything. I was wasting my life making money. Right now, however, I’m growing. I’m emotional. I’m happy. I’m free. I’m myself. I’m living. I’m lucky. I’m extremely lucky. Kim said it best tonight… “This is my life!”


One thought on “My Calendar”

  1. hello Anthony,
    all that is written in there is beautifull, it’s good you like to share because I feel the same and i’m curious too and i like to learn what’s happening in people’s head and so i’m happy to read what’s going on in yours =)
    c ya

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