Fighting the good fight

Monday, May 3, 2010. 7:28 PM
Opononi, Northland, New Zealand

Continued from my Gentle World post about being more vegan lately… another reason I cited for not being vegan was traveling, and not wanting my diet to consume Too Much of my energy. Many vegans I know are crusaders and activists, and I feel like it’s almost hard to be a vegan and not a fighter, which is paradoxical. So there’s my reason, call it b.s. if you want, but how do we choose our fights?

(why does my spell checker keep turning vegan into vagina tonight?) Thank you for the Spell Check!

Example: I was catching a ride from the farm into town with Doe, and mentioned that I needed more meths (cooking fuel), and since we were heading to the farmers market, which happens to be in the parking lot of The Warehouse/McDonalds, she suggested I pick some up at Warehouse. I equate this mega-store by Kiwi-standards to WalMart, and gave her my spiel about not wanting to support big business if I can help it. She plainly retorted “but it’s cheaper”. Coming from NYC, where small business is a foundation of it’s character, this is important to me. So I bike around town, and went to hunting store & find it for $12, twice the price I paid in last camping store. I couldn’t find anywhere else to buy it so I ended up back at Warehouse, where it was $7 and 1/2 off the 2nd bottle. (So it should’ve been $6). I bought it for $7, and felt like a jackass.

It’s hard to fight all the good fights.


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