Worn, torn & lost

Monday, May 3, 2010. 6:37 PM
Opononi, Northland, New Zealand

All my stuff is roughed up. Most of my things have passed “like new” quality.

My clothes are worn. The same 3 shirts, 2 pants, 2 shorts and 1 hoodie are likely the most photographed in the southern hemisphere. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it! It’s so not, and seeing them repeatedly in my photos has resulted in my not wanting to be in photos anymore. Silly! Not at all, he says gravely. My black linen pants (the same ones I tweeted about who has a big whole in the seat) has 5 patches now. I’m getting quite good at bad sewing. I’ve made amends many times with my other ‘pants’ (in the English sense) too. The captain on my boat cruise the other day told me he could see my money – my butt pocket is completely open on one side. My bandanas are my MVP items, used for everything: headdress, sweat-cloth, bath towel, napkin, splint, rope. The pink one is barely so anymore; the white one – why do I have a white anything? You know what’s cool? I don’t care anymore. It makes getting dressed in the morning EZ.

I have lost, without explanation: 2 really nice Leatherman utility knives and a Swiss army knife. These kill me the most, as they’re nice gear and indispensable, hence the replacements, and the killing me times three. I also lost my cyclo-computer in Thailand, one of the very few nights I went out on the town dancing (and drinking) with locals. I apparently lost my shit.

These things are used and abused: My iPod holds data (as a hard drive) but won’t function as an MP3 player. My camera had a stroke the other day and its lens is stuck out in full extension, out-of-order with “Lens Error”. Then I slammed it a few times, as suggested by the internet, and now it jingles like a maraca. My tail light and my bike mirror broke off, losing little plastic pieces which render them useless. (Oh I’ve tried to fix but damned industrial design seriously inhibits DIY fixin! Solution: buy a new one! Redic!) I pulled the wires loose (& fizzled out the transistors) on my battery-operated Xmas lights (excessive, no! mood lighting is key on the road!) I will fix these, mark my words. I cracked my Clickstand yesterday (which is a kickstand-like-device for monster bikes, basically a custom-length tent pole), parking, then falling, in the sand. My Camelback leaks. My iPhone screen has two thick black lines through it. My unibody Macbook has a bulge next to the keyboard; I think a baby at the last farm threw it. The lid on my aluminum pot looks like it stopped a bullet.

I picked up a good habit in India. When sh!t happens, laugh. I learned a good mantra the other day: Thank you for the pain. Every day when something breaks or disappears, I laugh and thank the universe for the pain of loss. Hello imperfection, goodbye stuff! I’m getting quite good in the practice of detachment.


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