Back to work

Wednesday September 15, 2010.
Flying between Cuba and Panama, por avion

I’m working out this new system.  I emphatically decided, on the eve of my sudden departure from New Zealand, to sell my laptop (there) and continue traveling without one, for no other single greater reason than to lose weight.  

Here I am three months later, onto the next big thing, with a new 4G iPhone and a bluetooth keyboard.  Cool.  It works surprisingly well.  Wordpress App, however, into which I just typed a hot Draft: not so well.  Usually the SAVE button does just that, esp. when As Local Draft is selected, but the App fails by not having a Drafts button or area.  I swear.  Maybe it’ll show up next time i”m online.  Rating: Boo (2; eating my work issue nees sow work; nice enough app otherwise, competent  though decidedly un-frilly.)

This is an exciting point in the flight, where the free alcohol and Royksopp’s Senior album have kicked-in quite nicely, AND we’re about to cross the threshold (at 33,000 feet) from Central America into South America.  Finally… I’ve been anticipating this for 5 weeks, when Jeff and I decided to come down here instead of Eastern Europe, and bought this Chile flight on the eve of my 30th Birthday. (Same night I inexplicably injured my left knee without clear cause… No, I wasn’t trashed!  But was definitely celebrating.)

Oh no!  I’m getting sleeeeeeeeeepy.  Booze?  Fatigue?  Oh yeah, I pulled 3 consecutive all-nighters prior to this plane-hopping.  Well first night was a real one, the following night I napped from 11:30-2am, then got up & packed into the morning, and then last night was another real one.  But today I slept on the ground in JFK for an hour.  You would have too.  We flew from La Guardia airport at noon, touched down in Toronto to spend 90-minutes wasted, picking up our bags and bikes from the baggage claim, going through silly immigration and customs, re-checking luggage, and barely making it to our connecting flight BACK TO NEW YORK, JFK this time, where I got to take a nap.  8PM later, we are finally on our way south.

Time to doze.  Querido, Antonio


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