Es Chilly

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010, 11:51pm.
Somewhere on the beach en route to Patagonia in southern Chile

That’s our new joke, can’t get enough of it.  For you non-Spanglish-speakers, it translates to “It’s chilly.”  In India, we had an expression “T.I.I.” or “This is India”, which helped us verbalize our awe, putting the astonishing in perspective. We could have said “Wow that’s unbelievable” or “I can’t believe that just happened” but T.I.I. did the trick.  In Southern Chile, it’s pretty brisk.  You can’t help but feel like a dork, chuckling every time you want to say It’s Chilly, being in Chile.  “Es Chilly.”

After enduring my first week in the extreme climate of Black Rock City, where Burning Man takes place, I not only felt stronger and more resilient, but I actually came to enjoy the hot dry heat, cold nights where all you can do is keep moving or seek fire, being perpetually covered in dust, not showering for a week… it’s all good now, in fact it’s the *best*.  One time I spent a night in the NYC jails, and actually enjoyed every minute of getting chewed-up by the system and spit out at the other end, emerging Harder. That was fun!

I love an opportunity to push my limits, become more versatile, and expand my comfort levels so that nothing can hold me back from doing or enjoying anything. I am a warm weather person, but I hope Chile will help me get over that.

We spent our first three days in Santiago, where the weather was gorgeous, sunny and in the mid-70’s by day, but in the low 40’s at night, darn Chilly (and at sea level).  Our plan was to take a 10-hour bus ride South (mind you this is south of the equator) to go biking and camping in the Andes mountains.  Wheee!  Did I mention that there’s rain in the schedule, and it’s more severe than our April up north?  

Here we are, two days-in.  I’m in my tent, and yes it’s raining outside.  Yesterday, our first day of all-day biking (not including our 40km ride from Santiago Airport through the Capital to our friend Diego’s house) we pedaled in the rain… all day.  And camped, and cooked out, overlooking the ocean, wet and cold, as it rained all night.  I can’t express how awesome it was.  I thank Dog that Jeff is as foolhardy as I… we’ve been having a blast.  Es Chilly.  So what?!


4 thoughts on “Es Chilly”

  1. I honestly, for some reason, thought I wouldn’t hear from you for a super long time! As if the United States was the only place where you could use the internet. I’m so happy to read about your adventures, continuing to learn more about you from thousands of miles away. ¡Disfruta de tus excursion en Sudamérica! Te amo, guapo.

  2. I second Dad’s query about jail time in NYC. I’m sure there’s a great story there. You always sound so pumped no matter what the adversity, I really have to commend you. But you do sound like you’re enjoying every crazy minute of your adventure. Love hearing the updates. Keep ’em coming. Love u so much!

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