random A(rgentina) list

26 October, 2010
Puerto Madryn

been in Argentina for 3 days, time for a random list! somehow all these seem to wanna start out I Just LOVE…

  • sleeping out under the stars without the rain-fly
  • the sand. everywhere. (in the Pampas)
  • campsite dogs. this big friendly dopey black one just laid on the tent, his big butt in jeff’s face (from the outside)
  • the beach. here we (still) are…!
  • free wifi in the town center. finally. but now I have to finally do all my away-from-homework
  • optioning Excursions & car rentals for our upcoming trip to the Reserva Faunatica Peninsula Valdéz (marine & wildlife wonderland) and the…
  • anticipation of seeing all the whales, penguins, and elephant seals
  • The Last Exorcism. saw it in cinema tonight w subtitles, but didn’t read a word of Spanish after Here kitty kitty (gatito)…
  • espresso and cafés
  • confiterías (bakeries) everywhere
  • greeting everyone with a kiss on the cheek, (even my dentist!)

that’s enough for now!


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