Ready-or-not blastoff

New Day

Things are falling into place.
Few of my ‘plans’ have worked out in seven months.
Re-route. Re-route. Re-route.

Back to Square one.

I’m going back to Florida tomorrow.
I’m flying to Mexico the following morning.

It doesn’t matter anymore… All I know is that I’ll be fine once I’m in motion.

I doubt myself sometimes when I’m here.
Except for when I talk to my parents. And I have to believe in myself, for their sake.
Which is really trusting the universe.

I trust it. And now I feel different.

I found a boat tonight.

It doesn’t matter if this one works out. I’m going. And I trust the universe.

Thank you! I am eternally grateful for all you’ve done for me, always and forever.

I Am Goodbye

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