Catching up

Perhaps it’s a bit too late to be “current” with my communications, but I’m prepared to today to start sharing some of what I have been writing lately. I am keeping a good Log, and I have been writing in it regularly, written for myself, unpolished. Today, in my final hours before we really set off, I am going to post a few that are appropriate (enough) for public viewing, while I keep others to myself. It’s better than nothing, aye!

I’m on board my boat, Tropicbird, sailing off today (3-April 2012) towards the Galapagos Islands, then to French Polynesia (the Marquesas, Tahiti), Samoa, and beyond, hopefully all the way to Asia (aiming with this current boat towards Thailand). I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way, as anything can happen, and travel plans are prone to change. But today I am beginning the real journey.

I have been defunct on my blogging for the last half year, due in part to being in the US for some months and I got lax, feeling as if I wasn’t at the time on “this trip”, but now I can say that that detour was a good one, and while I didn’t deem the events ‘blog worthy’, the adventures I had made some serious impact on my life.

Funny how, at the verge of my next big adventure, I finally and all of a sudden feel moved to process the previous ones, and share. This is often the case, like when I’m aboard a plane and setting off into the unknown, a sudden outpour comes like a torrent through my pen.

I don’t have time right now to do this, but perhaps, tonight, I can record some of my thoughts on the recent chapters of my life. Most recently, I spent three months backpacking through Central America, beginning in December in Mexico, visiting many Mayan temple sites on the Yucatan Peninsula, and then progressing through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I shared a good portion of this traveling with a lovely and magical friend, Natalia, whom I met back in November in New York.

I can say that Evolution (of self, humanity and the universe) is the main theme on my mind lately, and I’m joyful in finding all the pieces I seek as if laid out by the divine hand. My “work” in this realm is ongoing, daily, and with the company I keep I feel the process of our evolution is symbiotic. So much to learn and grow from.

With that I’ll get to copy/pasting some of my recent log entries.. they’re not so much dissertations as in previous writing, more just day-to-day of starting the adventure on this boat. It’s part good, part bad, and part ugly. I’ll omit some of the uglier bits, in respect for my crew. But much more reporting and hopefully discovery I promise.

Crew Log to follow!

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