To end it all

4-May 2012, 23:00
Leg 2 to Marquesas, Day 2

First off, it’s weird to write something knowing I won’t be able to post it for a month. Will you even care to read this ‘old news’ when it’s hot off the press?

I had an idea and decided to do it: I’m making a book. More accurately, I’m going to compile my writings from this blog into book form. I never wanted to make a book before, even though I’ve been urged to by many. I don’t feel this stuff is important enough to be printed on paper. I don’t even like paper, it’s kills trees and is mostly disposable, or sits around on shelves, collecting dust and insulting the life it was processed from. At least some stuff gets read, and circulated, like books in libraries, some of them containing ideas, which is important. Ideas are amazing. But self-publishing to have a physical copy of digital work? Nonsense. Until a moment a humility came upon me.

Which reminds me of my days as a young Mac evangelist, when I got similarly tired of hearing that I should work for Apple, and then I eventually “had the idea” to go for it, and become a Mac Genius. I bit my tongue.

So this book idea came about by my Grandma Rose continually telling me I should write a book. She doesn’t read my blog, hence I always wondered: why would she read my book? She’s 92, so I don’t blame her… maybe it’s the format – nobody reads blogs anyway. So tonight I fired up the Mac to look at my options: InDesign, Pages, iBooks Author, even iPhoto are all capable. Then I started reading over my archives… suddenly I’m not as excited anymore.

My old writing is so… bad. I must decide whether I’ll simply compile a journal, or edit the time-capsule. It could be fun to break the chronology, organize articles by theme (exercise, culture, mush, anecdotes, the sights, nature, farming, philosophy, spiritual connection, east vs. west, animal kingdom, hedonism, home turf, and the rants..) This won’t be easy. More challenging still is that I decided on a deadline: Marquesas (by the time your read this.)

Who besides Grandma will read this book? Who cares. I can give it to my family, so they can pass it on to their friends. At this point I think it would embarrass them more than anything. I’ve been told it’s good.. mostly by my family of course. So it’s really for them. But they’ve already read it.. and I seriously doubt they’d even read it again. So why the heck would I edit it?

Maybe I need to make it for myself. Yes, that’s why I’ll do it. That way I’ll do it right. That’s the only way people actually do it right. It excites me to do this because I can put a cap on this blog, finish it, move-on. Don’t worry – I’m not going anywhere, or changing my traveling ways, at least I’m not planning on it anytime soon. I have the deep down notion that if I do this, I can start something else. It’s been almost four years already. It’s time for something new.

Even though I feel like a blog is a good excuse for me to write stuff, and I enjoy re-reading it, and think someday I’ll value it… it’s a dying art form (and many-times pronounced dead.) In my Reader, where I keep track of all my friends’ blogs, only 3 (of about 50) have been updated in the last 18 months. It’s sad. But they’re my favorite things to read! I’m so much happier to read the hearts and minds of people I actually know than the stars of the technosphere! Personal blogs are infinitely better than the now one-line standards of Twitter and Facebook news feeds, but hardly anyone writes or reads them anymore.

This blog has been a creative outlet, and a consistent part of my trip since the beginning. When I sounded like a kid. And wrote like shit. In some ways, I still do. It’s not really any better… just more interesting to me recently because it’s, well, recent… and I feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. Like I’m trying to make a point, or uncover a mystery, or figure out why I write at all… it’s to communicate. I want to share.

I’d like to write about WHY I write (whoa) in another entry. Because it’s changing. I used not to care about anyone else reading (because it was for me), and now I do care. It’s not enough for me. I want people to know there’s Magic out there. Everywhere Else. I want to Inspire people to Travel. And Reject that which makes them unhappy. I want people to Question Everything they know. And Who they Are. And the Company they keep. Because we’re Here, right Now, and we’ll Never have This Moment again. So make it Count.

I don’t think many except the curious passer-by reads this, and if you are reading this, thank you. And I love you for it. I love you anyway. But I want to turn things up a notch. It doesn’t mean I won’t write anything publicly anymore. It’s time to extend my reach. The book definitely won’t do it. But it’s a means to move-on. Thanks for sticking with me this far. It’s time to punch a hole in the sky.

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