Leg 2.9 (almost there)

23-May 2012, 00:43
Leg 2 to Marquesas, Day 21

Almost there! By the end of my watch tonight we’ll be in the 300’s on our countdown trip odometer, three days. I said it aloud multiple times today, so I’ll say it again now: I’m so glad to have done the long leg of this trip, and not because it’s almost over, but because it only gets better.

With each passing day and in every realm, I feel (in no particular order): my head gets clearer; my well-being is more easily sustained; my culinary artistry is elevated (food tastier, style more efficient and intuitive, and it’s more fulfilling to serve); the sunrises and sunsets are more unmissable; the heavenly bodies grow more familiar, like neighborhood friends; my company more pleasant, and our camaraderie more sincere (random acts of kindness abound); my body gets stronger and my balance feels more like a super-power; and I enjoy music and literature like never before, nourishing myself with the fruits of so much creative spirit. (I’ve read all my books, except the Gita, and re-read all my Hess.)

My inner-world has grown from a crowded room into a vast warehouse (that I wander through in dreams). In thought and in heart, all the strings of my relationships feel strong, tangible, as vital and regularly called-on as the ligaments and tendons of my own corpus. I wonder if these strings tug back on the souls from which they’re strung… and do the objects of my affections have any idea that, independent of the time whence we last communed, that they are still regularly accessed? In my meditations and dreams, twenty years ago might as well be twenty mites ago, the time is so brief and unimportant. It means that everyone and everything counts. Yet another reason to fill your present world with only things that add value to your life, and cut loose the crap! Because if you permit it in your conscious world, it may very well exist in (and toxify) your subconscious world forever. I revisit both sides, and am working to reconcile the negative feelings I’ve endured and which are still a part of me.

Going forward, I feel like spending time at sea is a wonderful stage on which to nurture what you’ve already got, and tap into the inner truth that may often be obscured or smothered when we’re busy, and distracted by the noise of our lives.

Listen, do you hear that? That’s your mind. What does it sound like?

I hope it’s beautiful.


One thought on “Leg 2.9 (almost there)”

  1. Anthony:

    I look forward to every chapter you write. Just to let you know we are out here listening to you and wishing you the best.

    Paul Gaskin

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