Yes, the day has come

Hello lovelies! This is my first blog post EVER. Wheeeeeee!

I figured this could be a nice way to process my thoughts, pics, document, communicate. Well that is obvious. The tunnel is built and our intercontinental link is complete!
All is good on the home front. I write this from my living room, with Axl Rose crawling over foot, Ezmerlda the cat rolling on her back cleaning herself and being cute (yes, they get along real well and I’m confident they’ll play nicely). Amy is singing, and settling-in, and being DJ. My bike in pieces ready to get boxed for the flight, my to-do list is all checked-off (well, mostly.) When and when did I get a cat and a girlfriend named Amy? It all started with a play date, to see if they got along. They did. One thing led to another, and now Amy’s subletting my room while I’m away. (New gf, now? I know, timing is so strange. Comments welcome.)
Tomorrow has been a long time coming, but at 10AM I’ll be in the air bound for Kathmandu via Abu Dhabi. And I feel great! All my stress of late has basically come from too much prep (I’m a terrible and drawn-out over-preparer), but I feel like now that long arduous journey is over, and now I have nothing but excitement. Life is good. I have great new roommates: Amy, Poonam, and Ian. Lately I’ve felt an amazing outpouring of love, support, and good will from my friends and family. Amy’s been a Saint. Axl’s gonna miss me and I will him, but he’s been the best too. I can’t complain! 

I want to thank everyone, You especially, for being there for me. And for reading this now. And for hopefully not forgetting me this winter. (I have a theory that we’d probably only come out of our coccoons a few times to see each other if I was here anyhow, so you’ll barely miss me!)

So stay tuned for more news to come! And photos, right here!

xoXOxo, (: Anthony P